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192.168.l.l – Router: Hello everyone… Today I came with the new topic that is 192.168.l.l – Router Passwords Login. If you want to know the process of log in then, you can follow this page. If you are installing a new modem in your home and yourself only the operator, then who will install the router?? You will find the operator who is working on the 192.168.l.l IP Address.

192.168.l.l - Router

192.168.l.l  is the management panel of your ADSL modem. 192.168.l.l is the default IP address, and by using the ADSL Modem or Wireless Router, you can get the 192.168.l.l IP address. By using this IP address, you can also access the router settings or the admin panel. With this 192.168.l.l address you need to get the login admin. In this Session, I am completely discussing the 192.168.l.l login Admin. Not only 192.168.l.l, but you can also find 192.168.l.l default Router Password logins. Go through the below sections, get a clear idea regarding the 192.168.l.l – Router.

192.168.l.l – Router Passwords Login

Before going to the 192.168.l.l Passwords Login, you need to know about what is 192.168.l.l?? 192.168.l.l is the default IP Address. This address comes with the every ADSL Modem or Router. By using this 192.168.l.l you will also get 192.168.0.L admin passwords. With the help of this 192.168.l.l IP Address, you can log in to your router and also you can make the adjustments with your ADSL Router.

192.168.l.l - Router

How to Connect to a Router Using 192.168.l.l?

You require a router login and definite IP Address to connect the router. And you already have known about this IP Address, and you need to know about the password to log in. Here you will see the method to connect to the router. You can connect your router very easily. To connect your router, you need to open the web browser and then type your IP Address. Then you need to enter the password. And click on the OK option.

192.168.l.l Router Admin Login Password

Finally, you came here to know about the Router Admin Login Password. Here I am giving the list of passwords, and you can try it. In the below section I have provided the method to set the passwords.

  • D-Link
  • Cisco-Linksys, LL
  • Huawei
  • Motorola
  • Robotics
  • 3Com
  • Zoom Telephonics
  • Belkin
  • TP-Link
  • Beetle
  • JCG
  • Netgear
  • Agere
  • Edimax Technology Co. Limited
  • Airties
  • Actiontec Electronics
  • Rosewill
  • AOPEN Inc.
  • Netopia

These are the default usernames provided by the company, and you can also set it as admin or Router Company Name.

The Passwords Which you can Try

  • Admin
  • SySAdmin
  • SysAdmin
  • User
  • Password

192.168.l.l Router Admin Login – How to Reset Passwords

To access the new password, you need to know the default password. If you do not have an idea about the changing password, you can follow the below steps.

Check Out:

If you do not have the default password, then you can also find it on the router label or from the serial number. You can also find it in the manual or CD which is provided by the users along with the router. If you have not remembered the password, you can also reset the password by clicking on the reset button which is provided on the router. And you need to press the button for ten seconds until the light blinks. Finally, the router is ready with a new password.

How to Find the Router IP Address

  • Firstly, you need to open the command prompt and the type for “ipconfig” and then click on enter.
  • Then you will find the default gateway under local area connection in the router Address.
  • To access the router settings, you need to put it in the browser address bar and use the login.
  • That’s it. Admin Login: Nowadays the facility of the internet has increased everywhere. We can find a wireless router at many places like homes, offices, cafes, etc. The set up of the router is an easy process to connect anywhere. Therefore, today in this article, we are going to explain you about the Admin Login settings in the router. The IP is a default IP address for many routers like D-Link router, TP-Link router, Netgear router, etc. Through this admin login, the network devices can communicate with each other. Admin Login

Moreover, you can also reset the Admin Login on the login page. You can also change the security settings, QoS, Proxy, WAN, LAN, etc., after logging in to the router. It is very common to everyone to forget the login username and the password. However, no need to worry, you need to know the default IP address and reset the factory for the factory settings. Then the settings of the device will be back to the default by which you can easily login to Admin Login.

Steps for the Admin Login

Below are the simple steps that help you to login to the router and change the default password of the router. Admin Login


  1. To login to the router login page, first, you need to enter the link in the browser address bar.
  2. If the above IP is correct, the router login page will appear. If not, then you need to find the router IP address.
  3. Then open the command prompt in your device and type the command as ipconfig.
  4. Now, you will see the default IP address of the router on the screen.
  5. Then enter the IP address and click on the enter button.
  6. Now, you need to enter the default username and password to login.
  7. Enter the username as admin and leave the password as a blank field and click on OK or Login button.
  8. After the successful login, you can modify the router security settings like changing the password.
  9. It is necessary to change the default password to avoid the access to the unauthorized users.

Therefore, follow the above steps in step by step procedure to avoid any problem in the Roter Login.

 How to Reset Router Admin Login

When you forget the default username and password of the router, then just press the reset button on the router. You should press the router for atleast 30 seconds. Then again plug-in the router and login to the router by You can also try it by using the factory settings present in the settings option. So, if you want to reset the router to the factory settings, just follow the below steps: Admin Login

Steps for Restore Factory Defaults:

  • First, you need to open the router web-based setup page.
  • Then click on the Administration tab.
  • After that click on the Factory Defaults sub-tab.
  • Now, under the Factory Defaults, you can find the Restore Factory Defaults option. Just click on that.
  • Then the router will be set to the default settings, and you can reconfigure according to your choice. 

Steps for Changing the Router Password

We know the default username is admin and the password is a blank field. It is recommended to change the default password for the security purpose of the router.

  • You need to open the web-based setup page of the router.
  • Then click on the Administration tab.
  • Now, you can find the Management section in that tab.
  • Then click on it and enter the new password in the Router Password twice. 
  • Click on Save Settings.

The router administrator Username and Password is different from the wireless network name and passphrase of your wireless network. Admin Wireless Settings: The IP address is mainly used by the D-link router, TP-Link router, and Linksys broadband routers. The other brands of network routers or home networks also use this IP as a  gateway equipment. The network administrators will use this IP and do the Admin Wireless Settings for an existing one. You can use this IP address to set up a new router or for a business computer networks. The other devices like a computer, printer or any other can be set up to use the IP for admin wireless settings instead of a router. But this method may lead to the conflict in the IP addresses. Admin Wireless Settings

The IP address is a private IP address that lies in the range from to So, today in this article, we will explain to you how to do the Admin Wireless Settings on a router. Moreover, we also provide you the additional information of necessary modifications to reset the admin wireless settings in the router. Therefore, go thoroughly through this page and make necessary changes in your router. 

How To Do Admin Wireless Settings of a Router

As a part of Login Admin Wireless Settings, it is not always necessary to know the IP address of your router. You can easily find it by phones or other devices by its SSID whenever you are online. But when you want to set up a new router then you need to know the IP address. It is also useful when you are facing any troubleshooting problem on the home network. Admin Wireless Settings

You can connect to the router if it has an IP address of You need to open the browser and type in the address bar. It will you to login to the router administrator console, and you can access the configuration settings. 

Sometimes the above process may not work. The reasons may be due to the following:

  • The router may fail and become unresponsive to connections via any browser.
  • Maybe the router is set up to use another IP other than
  • It also may be the reason that the computer and its browser are not working properly to join the network.

  Reset The Router Through Admin Wireless Settings

First, you need to open the web browser on your device and enter the IP address as in the address bar to get the interface of router management. Then the Login page open, where you need to enter the username and password as admin. Now, select the Setup Wizard and correct Access mode. There exist two types of modes.  First one is PPPOE mode, and the other is Static IP address. So, we will explain you about the two modes briefly in the below section. Admin Wireless Settings

PPPOE: To access the internet, you can use the PPPOE which is the most common one. To get the access to the internet this PPPOE usees the dial-up method. It has a username and password to use. 

Static IP Address: The ISP has a fixed IP address, DNS, gateway, etc. Moreover, the Static IP addresses are used by the fiber optic lines.

Setup a Name and Password to the Router for Wireless Signal

  • First, click on the Setup Wizard-> Wireless Settings.
  • Then we can see the channel, security options, mode, SSID and some other settings.
  • The SSID is the name of the router that displays while people are searching for wireless signals. And you can also enter anything, or you can leave it by default.
  • Then in the wireless security section, we need to select the wpa-psk or wpa2-psk to set router’s password. Normally, the wpa2-psk is better than the other.
  • It is the password to your laptop or mobile to connect to the wireless router. 
  • If you do not want others to access your network, then you should choose the complex password.

You have to restart the device after following the above mentioned steps. Then you will get access to the management interface. Thus, the IP Admin Wireless Settings can be done. 

192.168.l.l login

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