How To Setup a Linksys Wireless Router | Simple Steps

Setup a Linksys Wireless Router: Hai everyone!!! Today we are dealing with the Linksys Router setup. The process to Setup a Linksys Wireless Router is very easy and it is not the that much difficult task to do. We can do this process manually and there is no need of running any software or installing the CD. In this entire article, you will come to know the process of setting up the Linksys Router. Go through this entire article to know more about the Linksys Router.

Setup a Linksys Wireless Router

You have to connect the modem and as well as the computer to the ethernet port on the router. First, open the setup page and you can and change the settings manually. It is an easy process. Setting up a Linksys Router takes two steps to complete the process. They are setting up the router and configuring the router settings. If the router is wireless then we have to place a wire connection during the setup.

Setup a Linksys Wireless Router

Setup a Linksys Wireless Router: The Cables/DSL Routers are very easy to install and what we have to do is just access the Linksys router setup page and change the internet settings manually. In the configuration page, we can change the settings. We can access this page when your system is just connected to the Ethernet Cable. And the most important thing is that while changing the settings the computer must be connected to the Ethernet cable and do not change the settings when your system is wireless.

Physical Setup and Connection

First set up the router next to the modem and switch on the power supply. Let the power on and then connect the ethernet cable to the modem ethernet port and to WAN or Internet port on the router. Before starting to use the wireless router connection connect the routers number port to the computer using the ethernet cable for a setup process. Make sure that you should not connect to the wireless network until your security settings are configured.

Clone Mac Address

Usually, the Cable Internet connection requires a MAC Address or Mac Access Control to find subscriber and provide the internet connection. The router is having the MAC cloning tool when it requires the MAC Address.

Setup a Linksys Wireless Router

  • Open your browser and enter into the address bar and click on enter.
  • Next, type the admin in the password column and click on “OK.”
  • Generally, it does not require the username but if you are asked then use admin.
  • Now click on the setup button and then followed by the MAC Address clone. Next, select the radio button and click on the Clone —> My PC’s Mac button to copy the Mac Address from your computer.
  • After the addition of number then click on the save settings.

SSID Settings

The changing of the SSID is a useful tool for avoiding the unwanted users on the wireless connection.

  • Go to the main menu and click on the Wireless and then select the wireless network name i.e., SSID. Enter a name for you network SSID and this appears in the wireless network lists. next,  select the Disable radio button for wireless SSID Broadcast and then select the Save option.

Setup a Linksys Wireless Router

Security Settings

Now from the wireless menu select the wireless security option and then click WEP from the Security mode. Next, select the 126 bits 26 hex digits and enter your password. After this click on Generate and then save settings.

Connection test

  • After setting up the connection check whether the connection works or not.
  • If it does not work then go back to check the settings are saved properly. And if you are using the wireless connection then disconnect the ethernet cable and click on the network icon.
  • Next, select the wireless connection and enter the password. It takes some time to connect and then open the browser.

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