Fix IP Problems on PC Windows Free

Fix IP Problems on PC: Hello everyone… Today my article is completely about how to Fix IP Problems on PC Windows for Free. If your device is having any problem with reaching the router login?? Then you can read this complete article to get a clear idea. By following this guide, you can easily Fix IP Problems on PC Windows. Most of the failed to access the wireless router network for the first time because of wrong passwords or incorrect IP address on your PC.

Fix IP Problems on PC

If you enter any wrong IP address, you may not be able to access the login page. Sometimes you will be not accessible to the login page because of some hardware or with any connection configuration setup with the internet connector router cable errors in your PC Windows or any other devices. By reading this article, you will get a clear idea about this IP Address, and you can also Fix IP Problems on PC Windows for Free of cost.

How to Fix IP Problems on PC Windows ??

If you are having any problems which have mentioned above, then you have reached the exact destination. Here you will find the best solution for your problems. By the following guidance, you can easily Fix IP Problems on your PC or Laptops. Below are the three ways to fix the problems on your PC Windows.

Before going to the technical things, you need to know the basic things of IP Address. Firstly, make sure that your device the hardwired is directly connected to your router or not. And also, check whether the internet connector cable is fitted for your PC or not. You have to fix that connector to the back side of the router. By following the below sections, you can easily fix the errors by using the power cycle. And this Power Cycle will remove the power from your router. This process takes few minutes to complete the process. You need to wait until this process is finished.

In the front side of the router, you will find the light. If there is no light is present, then there are some outlet errors are present. The LED light indicator indicates you the port number of PC. And you need to check that your cable is plugging in the back side of your PC or not. And after connecting the cable, it must contain the LED light at the outlet of the cable.

IP Address Errors on the PC

Your PC IP Address should be in the same subnet as the router’s IP Address. is the private IP Address. And you need to start with the last digit. If your IP Address is, then the IP address of your PC must start with the 192.168.0_. If you operate the IP Adress on your PC with other digits, then your PC many not work. For gaining the IP Address, most of the PC networks are setup in an automatic mode. With this, the routers will create a companionable adapter without any errors.

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