How To Access Your Router If You Forgot The Password

Access Your Router: Are you forgotten your Router Password and searching for the solution to change the password?? Then it is the correct to place to get full information. Web Interfaces are protected by their routers, and you can configure parental control, port forwarding settings, and with a username and password. To protect your router configuration, you can change your network password. If you have forgotten the router password,  then here is a method to Access Your Router. Without knowing the passwords also you can able to forward the ports.

Access Your Router

How To Access Your Router If You Forgot The Password

These provided tricks are very helpful for you to access your router password. If you are using the other’s WIFi network without knowing the password, then you can also know the password of that network by using the Universal Plug nad Play (UnPn). If that router is enabled by the UnPn, then the port will be automatically opened on your device. Some routers will not provide you the solution for rearranging the password for the wireless network. Here you can find the best solution to Access Your Router If You Forgot The Password.

Find the Default Username and Password

Before resetting the router device, first, you need to try it to log in by using the default username and password. If you want to reset your router with your username and password, then you can follow the below steps

Access Your Router

  • First, you have to read the manual of your router and the different models of routers.  You need to look in its manual to locate the default username and password for your router. ( If you do not have the manual of your router, then you can find it on google by searching through the router’s model number. And you can also find model of router and then default password).
  • In the router, you have to search for the stickers. And the stickers have been provided by the internet service provider. Sometimes, you may find your default password on the printed sticker on your router only.
  • Then you need to try for a common username as well as password. Most of the users use a blank username and password as ‘admin.’ Or admin as username and a blank password. Or you can set ‘admin’ as both username and password. In the official website of router passwords, you can find the list of default usernames as well as passwords.

Reset the Routers to Factory Defaults

In your Router, reset button is available. Click on that reset option to set the default factory settings. By clicking on that ‘reset’ option, you can restore all the network settings, forwarded ports, parental controls, and custom passwords. Then you will be able to access your default username and password. If you want to configure the router, then you need to spend some time depending on the changes.

Every different router has a different process and resets button. If you want to find the best results, then you can follow the model specific instructions. This process similar for all the routers.  In the back of the router, you will find the labeled reset button this button is known as ‘pinhole, ‘ and you should not press it.

If you want to reset your router, then you need top press on the reset option, nd you need to hold it down for ten seconds. Then the router will be automatically reset itself. If that reset button is located on the pinhole, then you have to use a bent paperclip or any narrow object hold it. After completing this process, you can easily use the default username and password to use your router.

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