How To Reset Your Username and Password on a Linksys Wireless Router

Reset Username and Password on a Linksys: There might be some reasons to reset your username and password. The main reason is that it is hard to remember the password or you have forgotten it and you have lost somewhere else. And the second one is that your password is set by someone and you don’t know it. Coming t the third reason is that you would like to reset your router due to some connectivity issues. Or else you would like to reset it block the unauthorized users. These are the reasons to Reset Username and Password on a Linksys.

Reset Username and Password on a Linksys

You can reset the password on your Linksys router if you are suspecting that it is used by the unwanted users. A low-security password will lead to the security risks, malware attacks by the hacker without having your knowledge. To Reset Username and Password on a Linksys, it takes a few minutes of your valuable time. When you have the WiFi connection in your office or business, then make sure that your connection must be secure, so the other may not access your router.

 Reset Username and Password on a Linksys

If you know that what your router settings are compromised then you have two options. Change the username and password otherwise reset the router to its factory settings and start. And if you are having the connection issues then there is need of resetting your device you just reboot your device.  For rebooting your device, you need to unplug the router and wait for 20 seconds and plug it back. And finally, it takes few minutes to restart the router.

How to Reset the Username and Password

To change the username and password, you need to follow below steps. Here we have shared the step by step process to  Reset Username and Password. Here we go.

Reset Username and Password on a Linksys

  • First, log into the Linksys router using the web interface and then type “” in the address bar. And if you are using the Linksys default username and password then leave the username field blank and enter the “admin” as the password.
  • Open the Linksys interface and click the Administration tab. In the Mangement page, you can see the current username and password and change both of them so that others can’t guess.
  • Next, click on save settings. 

How to Restore the Factory Settings

  • First Locate the “Reset” button on your Linksys router, and For some routers, it is on the back side, and for other, it is on the bottom. Press the reset button.
  • Next, hold the reset button for 30 seconds and the power blinks when you hold the reset button. And unplug the router for another 30 seconds.

Reset Username and Password on a Linksys

  • Now plug the router back and then connect your computer through Ethernet and log in to the Linksys router. All of your settings will be deleted, and you have to reconfigure your wireless network and then reset a new username and password. 

This Linksys is a part of the Cisco Systems which is a manufacturer of the networking equipment. When this router is configured with a password, then all the computers must know the password to join the network. Various websites are using this technic and for keeping out the unauthorized devices at the basic level. And also you can change the password on the Linksys router.

Tips and Tricks to Restart the Linksys Router

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